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Out of Character Information

player name: Lizzie
player journal: lawofgravity
playing here: Kaoru Kamiya
where did you find us? PLURK.
are you 16 years of age or older?: why yes.
In Character Information

character name: Jeyne Westerling/Stark.
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Timeline: From A Storm of Swords, just after being escorted by Robb's men from their third goodbye.
character's age: Probably the HBO age..that I don't know screams..
powers, skills, pets and equipment:
Skills in saying goodbye multiple times----no really, nothing. Treating wounds!
canon history:
personality: "Jeyne is bright as well as beautiful. She has a gentle heart."
While Jeyne is a minor character, with no narratives of her own, she still plays quite a role despite the brief times she is mentioned in her short marriage to Robb Stark. Jeyne Westerling is not exactly Queen material, let alone one you would assume could be a queen in the first place. She is pretty yes, but she is still very much a young woman.

"Queen. Yes, this pretty little girl is a Queen I must remember that." - Catelyn Stark

With a family with not much standing but their honor, Jeyne comes across as a very humble character, maybe even simple. However from the viewpoint of those who describe her, some of her actions are commendable. Unlike a fairytale character, the man Jeyne loves does not come to her rescue, but instead, lays seige to her castle as an enemy. Jeyne's life and family is completely altered by this. When the King of the North is injured, it is not a frightened hostage that tends to his wounds or one of his men, but it is Jeyne who goes to his side. Just as she could have had every reason not to, Jeyne is the one who tends to her enemy's wounds and not only that, moves him to her own room. For an average, if not pretty girl, this says quite a lot about her character: a woman with a great capacity for mercy and compassion, even to her enemies. 

It's not elaborated what happened afterwards except it is mentioned that Jeyne was with Robb after he was healed, even there when news of tragic events at Winterfell reached him. Jeyne's own castle had undoubtedly lost lives she could have known and yet she once again, shows compassion and kindness and comforts Robb. While this is mentioned as intimate, it shows that Jeyne Westerling actually might not be looking at Robb as a King or even an enemy, but as someone she has come to care for simply for who he is in the brief time they've met.

Jeyne continues to display commendable character traits after comforting Robb. Courage. The next day she is asked by Robb to marry him. This is the same man who had taken her castle, the same man who is a King and is asking a girl of an old family to be his Queen. At this point any woman could have been terrified, horrified at what she had gotten herself into, but instead Jeyne assents. She marries Robb, marries into a completely different way of life, into a completely different status. She becomes a Queen. When she is introduced by his mother, with the rest of her family, instead of standing there looking terrified--as she had every right to be, Jeyne instead swears to his mother that she will be as good a wife to Robb as she can.

"I shall be a good and true wife to Robb, I swear. And as wise a Queen as I can." 

For a girl who is described as shy, even timid, she has an astonishing amount of earnestness in saying that she will not only do her best to care for Robb, but be his Queen. She has accepted her role and for all the anxiety she undoubtedly has, the fear, she is willing to try. 

Minor she may be, the actions Jeyne displays are tremendously courageous if not risky. While she has accepted her role as Queen, Jeyne for the most part doesn't really change who she is, although she does her best to be as queenly as possible. For the parts in the book that she is shown it’s often written by her displays of concern over others instead of herself.
Despite becoming a Queen, Jeyne keeps that humble, gentle nature. After Robb has executed Richard Karstark, Jeyne appears to Catelyn at nightfall, having been witness to her husband’s drop in mood. Ever shy, Jeyne is described as ‘timidly’ appearing before her mother-in-law and asking her for advice on how best to take care of Robb after this event. Even with her status so radically altered, Jeyne remains down-to-earth.

“Lady Catelyn, I do not mean to disturb you..”
“You are most welcome here Your Grace.”
“Please. Call me Jeyne. I don’t feel like a Grace.”
“You are one, nonetheless. Please, come sit, Your Grace.”

It’s here that we can see that Jeyne is really a respectful girl, and pretty clear-headed. She wants to stay herself even if she’s been given this massive title on her shoulders. With the same devotion she displays towards Robb she gives to Catelyn once again asking what she can do for him. She displays human traits, the timid entrance, the wetting of her lips once again reinforcing how very girlish Jeyne still is.

“I want to be a good wife to him, I do, but I don’t know how to help. To cheer him, or comfort him. I don’t know what he needs. Please, my lady, you’re his mother, tell me what I should do.”

Jeyne is humble enough to know when she needs help, to know and admit when she is helpless. Her husband is a King fighting a war and full of burdens. She could easily have been idle, waited a few days to approach her husband or his mother but instead immediately goes to his side. The only time she goes to Catelyn is later at night  as she begs her for assistance. With that same devotion, that same unselfishness—Jeyne says that she will go back because he ‘might have missed her’. It's this earnestness and affection that could very well be what endeared Robb to her in the first place.  When Catelyn gives her a plausible reason to lift Robb’s spirits, Jeyne immediately responds in kind that she was already planning that very thing: raising heirs, and not just heirs, heirs named after Starks. Not Westerlings.

At this point it is very unlikely that any of Jeyne’s actions were not done out of love or consideration towards her husband. While her family is affiliated with the Lannisters, Jeyne echoes the promise she made: She is good and true to Robb.

Yet, as obedient and dutiful a person Jeyne is written at this point, she displays a very significant streak of stubbornness in the final time she sees her husband. Jeyne says goodbye to her husband not just once, but three times. The last time she rides out on a horse and tearfully begs her husband to take her along with him to meet with the Freys. She doesn’t just do this in front of her husband; she does this in front of his men, making herself completely vulnerable, completely emotional. Jeyne is aware of the situation with the Freys, after all she is the reason that the situation is the way it is, in part due to her marriage to Robb. And while doesn't know everything—she still desperately wants to support her husband and be there for him. The fact that it took three times for her to finally be sent away and with tears shows just how much that desperation, that devotion to the people she cares for can send her. 

Even after the events of the Red Wedding, Jeyne does not relinquish her own way of maintaining her role as queen, in fact she pushes it even more stubbornly. Her stubborness manifests itself physically when her mother tries to take away her crown.

"She would not give up the little crown the rebel gave her and when I tried to take it back from her head the willful child fought me."

Even after her marriage was over, Jeyne continued to maintain her dignity as a Queen as best as she could, loyally and stubbornly holding to her marriage to her husband and his memory by holding onto the crown he made her--which in truth was all she had left of him. The fact that she bravely defied her own family in holding tight to this last memoir is a sign of how faithful and loyal she remained to Robb even after his death. There were many times where Jeyne was certainly swaying between being who she was, a young, unsure woman in a situation she had never expected, but this was not that Jeyne. This was Queen Jeyne, protecting her husband's gift to her, even physically going after her mother to keep her from taking it. 

Jeyne is may have been timid at times, but she was far from being a cowardly woman. A cowardly person does not ride out in front of your husband’s men and beg him to take her along. And yet even in this action it shows just how much of a Queen she has become. That she would be willing to stand beside her King in both the safe and the unsafe situations of his life. So while the pretty, gentle-hearted Jeyne does not make a huge splash in the scheme of main characters, her actions, her personality with its compassion, courage, devotion and patience have a huge effect on Robb and the plot for the brief time that she appears. In the end, Jeyne fully becomes the Queen in the North simply by being herself, and it turns out that is exactly what Robb needed. 

 why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Considering her husband is here and his family and with all the chaos going on in their world, this would probably be more ideal to her considering he's here. She would feel that her place would best be at his side, regardless of where she was. Not to mention meet the in-laws..
Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:
[For a minute all you see is wide, doe brown eyes framed by dark curls. Then the video moves back a little, tilting at an odd angle as a young woman's face appears, wide eyes furrowed in confusion. ]

What is this? I don't remember carrying such a thing..[And she wets her lips, a nervous trait. ]

I was just returning, I had only just begun to --..where is this? [She looks around her. She is alone in foreign surroundings. ]

--I don't remember how I came to be alone, either. How am I to wait if I am lost? [ There is a hint of anxious frustration in her voice as she quietly peers once more into the screen.]

Such a curious thing..what am I to do with it? I must find my way back..
Third Person Sample: 
She could not go along.

There was a finality in Robb's eyes as they said goodbye that put any of her hopes that the third time would assure her attendance to ruins. She would do what Lady Stark had said. Nothing. Was it truly the best she could do? She wasn't certain. 

She could not weep in the presence of the men escorting her, let alone attempt to go back. His will was set, and she knew her King well enough to know that honor drove him more than anything else. Honor and Justice. Not safety. She supposed it was cruel to think that she would be alone, her mother and younger siblings were at Riverrun and she would not be unprotected. 

(It didn't matter. The place she wanted most to go she was denied.)

 He'll be back soon, they can settle things and soon I'll be with child. Twins..Eddard and Brandon. He would like that, I think. Help him to smile more..he frowns so often as of late.

He had much to frown over, she knew, with the responsibilities, the burdens of kingship, of leading an army, of grief. Her heart ached for him, for his family, and ached also for her own helplessness. It felt wrong to be waiting. But Jeyne was a dutiful wife. 

Good and true, she thought ruefully, as she glanced at the scenery around them. Her hand idly went to her flat stomach, swallowing back the pricking of tears behind her eyes. She could not deny that she was frightened. Robb had broken an oath by marrying her, and she would always feel guilt for that. The Freys were undoubtedly unhappy with them both, but it was Robb who was going. It was Jeyne who was waiting. And Catelyn Stark, wise Lady Stark..who would better help him than she? She was familiar with the Freys. Jeyne knew very little. Jeyne could only do so much. (He loves you and he needs you.)

Not for  this, this he goes alone--She thought miserably, nervously wetting her lips. She already missed him. King in the North. The Young Wolf. Even despite these things her husband was, she was still fearful. She trusted him, she knew him to be of rational mind but she could not help but worry anyway.

Until he returns to me I cannot be happy. But I will be patient, though it is so very hard.

Because Jeyne was a dutiful wife.

Anything else?

Thank you for taking time to look over it. Let me know if there's anything I can make clearer!! :) Also I love this gif I'm sorry I just have to put it everywhere.


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